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Why shoot for SPA | Swedish Press Agency?

  • You love royals
  • Flexible scheduling. Some jobs are long, some just 10 minutes
  • You will receive the SPA tie.

Photographer requirements and responsibilities include:

  • Own one nice suit. 
  • Two professional DSLR camera bodies with 3 to 5 lenses. 
  • One ladder
  • An online portfolio showcasing your work. 
  • A fast internet connection for efficient picture delivery. 
  • Ability to quickly upload large JPEG file after a completed assignment. 
  • Passion for telling visual stories with the royal family from your country. 

What kind of images are we looking for?

Your photography needs to tell the story of the event you are covering. We want to capture the atmosphere, the clothes, shoes, accessories, and any behind-the-scenes action that you think brings their story to life. It’s all apart of the SPA-hand book, but don’t worry we will teach you when you are in.

How long is each assignment?

All assignments vary in length. Sometimes you can cover an arrival and be in and out in 10 to 15 minutes. Other days you can work a full day following your royal family and going from location to location. There are even opportunities to travel abroad with your royal family when they go on official visits to other countries. 

Do I need to edit my photos?

Hell yes! The SPA-way and we can teach you. But you need to have good knowledge in image editing. Experience working in Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera RAW, and Photo Mechanic is a plus. 

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About SPA | Swedish Press Agency

Scandinavia’s fastest growing agency!

Our mission at SPA is to provide our clients with the broadest and most comprehensive photo and video coverage from the all the royal houses in the world. Your one stop agency capable of providing you everything you need from any event no matter how big or small it is with the royals. Wherever the news is happening and whenever the news is happening, that is where you will find us in the future.
Today we are present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands.

SPA was started by a group of photographers who after having worked in this business for over a decade decided to band together and use their experience to create the best agency possible. SPA is an agency by photographers and for photographers. We have built a wide network of the most ambitious photographers available across the country. Photographers who will always go the extra mile to deliver a product of the higest standard.

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